Infections which starts in soft tissues around the implants that have been integrated with the bony tissue, and that leads to a loss in the bone surrounding the implant and even loss of implant when not treated. These problems may appear as a result of inattention to sterilization while placing the implants, not adjusting the power distribution properly, not having a first placing resistance or due to reasons such as inadequate oral hygiene after a while the implants have been placed.

Such kind of problems generally does not appear around the implants that were made carefully in accordance with the rules following an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan. The surroundings of implants should be cleaned regularly as much as the natural teeth by both toothbrushes and interface cleaners. In case of an inadequate oral care around the implants, complaints such as bleeding while brushing or spontaneous bleeding, suppuration and malodor occurs, which are the signs for the inflammation of the tissue surrounding the implant.
In case periimplantitis (inflammation of the tissue around the implant) is related only with the soft tissue, the use of laser in the treatment of this area yields considerably succesfull results. The pockets that were formed in the relevant area are eliminated by the laser and the current infection is eliminated by the bacterial sterilization. This procedure is performed easily under local anaesthesia in a very short time, and is considerably succesfull as long as the patient heed for oral hygiene and have a dental check regularly in every 6 months.
In case periimplantitis covers the bone, it’s possible to open and clean the area and, if necessary, restructure the area by bone grafts.
For the treatment of such cases Nd-YAG, Diode, CO2, Erbium lasers are used either alone or in combination and successfull results are obtained.

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